Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another new Alice: Madness Returns video

Well, EA has posted another teaser for the new "Madness Returns" game. You can watch it below:

This video is pretty cool, however, the appearance of the Hatter is now bothering me. Now I know the teasers for games and the actual in-game characters often differ, but it doesn't seem like it should be this "off". He looks very witch-like to me now, and his hat is considerably shorter. I'm not trying to nitpick--I am dying to play the game when it comes out--but there are certain features that made the characters stand out so much in the original game that really didn't need "updating" or "tweaking". Hatter's overly tall top hat, for example, separated him from other Hatters in other adaptations of Alice In Wonderland, and though it was a simple change, it was very effective.

I'm holding out hope that these teasers aren't a reflection of how the characters will look in the game. In the following video: can pause at 1:16 and see a still shot of the Hatter and the Cheshire Cat, and they really look quite good. Pretty darn close to the originals, yet updated. I'm hoping these are stills from the game and not just concept art.

Since Alice looks very different in the teasers than she does in the screenshots I've seen, I'm thinking the teasers aren't really a reflection of what we'll see in game, especially since it's still early. Obviously that's nothing new in the video game industry. Many early teasers and trailers often don't end up looking anything like the final product. I'm just hoping for a nicely updated sequel to American McGee's Alice that is still faithful to the original. Only time will tell.

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